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How to replace my old NVR without pairing each camera again?

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2022-07-15 11:06

XMARTO's long range WiFi security camera systems have been the best sellers on Amazon during 2015 - 2016. 

Many customers' security camera systems were runnning for 6-7 years, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

With that workload, some customers feel the necessity of replacing their old NVRs, or some of their old cameras. 

Is there a way to swap the old NVR out without taking all cameras down for pairing? 

The answer is affirmative. 

As you may already know, the NVR itself is also a WiFi router. 

The theory is simple: each time you replace your old WiFi router, you only need to set your new WiFi hotspot name and WiFi password exactly the same as before, your devices will automatically reconnect. Same thing for XMARTO NVRs. 

Here are the steps replacing your old NVRs without re-pairing all cameras:

Step 1: Record the WiFi information of your old NVR. 

As showed in below image, in your old NVR's menu, navigate to System Setting - Network setting - WiFi setting, you will see the ESSID and password information, which is the WiFi name and WiFi password of this NVR. Take a photo to record this information. 

Step 2: Revise your new NVR WiFi information to the same as old NVR's. 

Swap your old NVR out and plug your new NVR, enter the same WiFi setting. Revise the new NVR's ESSID & password to exactly the same as on the old NVR. 

Step 3: Find your cameras back

With the old WiFi information on the new NVR, your cameras are connected with the new NVR. 

Now you need add the cameras to your NVR channels. 

In the NVR menu, right click - Camera Manage; click Search till you see your cameras listed in the above box. Then click 'Add One' to add the cameras to NVR channels. 

Your cameras will be added to the channels in the below box and work as before. 



  1. My old NVR is still working fine. Should I upgrade it to a newer one?

Not necessarily. As long as they are working fine. You don't have to upgrade the NVR, or the camera.

    2. I plan to add the latest XMARTO PTZ camera, or solar cameras to my old system. Is it compatible?

XMARTO products are compatible with each other. But if your NVR is 960p or 1080p, they are not capable to take in the new 3MP & 5MP cameras. 

Please check your NVR's version in System admin. If you have version 3.0+, you can feel free to add latest cameras. If your NVR version is earlier than 3.0, please consider to upgrade your NVR (hardware) to the latest model. 

    3. What if my old NVR does not turn on and I cannot enter the menu?

Please try to open the old NVR, unplug the 2 cables on hard drive, see if you can enter the menu to record old WiFi information. 

If you cannot enter the old NVR's menu to find WiFi info, you will need to pair your cameras to the new NVR one by one. Here is how to, 



Please feel free to contact us via support@xmarto.com if you have any question. Thank you!

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