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How to set home point for XMARTO Auto-Track PTZ cameras?

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2022-07-19 04:27

The XMARTO PTZ cameras have Auto-Track function. The Auto-Track is an AI feature that tracks activities and record.

It makes sure to record what happened even while you are not watching. 

A concern comes along with the Auto-Track: would the camera track and view the wall or ground, and never come back to the entrance it was watching?

You can set a home point for the PTZ cameras. The camera will return to this key point after each track. 

Follow below steps, you can set your default view point.

1. Set Home Point On APP

While viewing the camera in App, tap PTZ and use the joystick to move the camera to watch the spot you want. (such as an entrance)

Then tap Preset to enter preset menu. 

In Preset menu, tap the + sign to add preset points.

The 1st preset point will be the home point. 

The camera will return to this point after each track. 

   =>    => 

Tap the Edit sign, you can delete and change preset points, including the 1st home point.

2. Set Home Point in NVR Menu

If your camera is used with a NVR, you can also set the home point in NVR menu. 

a) while viewing the camera on NVR screen, click the image of a camera, you will see a pop-out menu on bottom. Click PTZ control to enter PTZ menu.

b) In PTZ menu, use the joystick to move the camera to where you want. In preset type 1 and save. This point will be saved as preset #1.

c) Switch to Auto tracking menu, check Motion detection tracking and Home point, type 1 as the home point and Apply.

The camera will return to preset 1 after each tracking.


  1. If your NVR does not have this Auto tracking menu, upgrade your NVR to latest version 
  2. If your NVR does not have this Auto tracking menu after the firmware upgrade, set the home point from mobile App. 


Please contact support team via support@xmarto.com if you need any help. 

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