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"Incorrect password" while viewing XMARTO cameras from App

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2022-07-15 11:04

The XMARTO home security systems have 2-layer of security password. 

1. The NVR device password (AKA the admin password)

Each time you access the NVR menu, it requires the admin password. Without a device password, users will be locked out.

Device admin password can be set when you follow the 1st time initial setup, or at any time in System setting - System admin - User

This is very important and we suggest you to set and remember your admin password at 1st time. 

This device password (device lock) is local and it locks access to your NVR, no matter whether your NVR has Internet connection or not. 

2. App login password

Like using any Internet service, using WallPixel App requires you to create an user account.


Your App user account is normally an email address or a phone number; and the password is the code protecting your user account. 

If you don't have a WallPixel App user account, tap Register to create an user account. 

The App user account is different from your device admin password. They are 2 sets of combinations.

The NVR admin password is a local password locking your NVR; the App user account password is an Internet password locking access to your WallPixel user account.

3. The connection

The connection between App user account and the NVR/ camera is based on Cloud ID. 

The Cloud ID is an unique ID number of a XMARTO NVR or camera. On most NVRs/ cameras, you can find a QR code indicating the device's Cloud ID. You can also find the Cloud ID on NVR screen's below right corner. 

To access the Cloud ID corresponding device, you need to provide the device password. Without the password, you will be locked out. 

As advised in the manual, when you add the NVR/ Camera to the App, you are lead to provide the admin password,


The password here refers to the NVR/ camera's admin password, not the App user password.

Provide your admin password, you will be able to view the cameras remotely from the App. 

If you are an authorized user by the administrator, provide your user name and your password.

4. Update device password

If you've changed your admin password lately, you need to update it to the App.

=>   =>

A few important tips

  1. The default password
    If you skip setting a password for your NVR or camera, then the default password is empty. 
    You leave the password area empty and tap next to view the cameras or access the menu. 

    That also means, theoretically anyone who knows your Cloud ID can access the NVR/ camera. (although no one will know your Cloud ID unless you show them). So it is strongly suggested to set an admin password; as soon as you start to use the XMARTO NVR/ camera.

    2. Secondary users

 If you are running a store, an office etc; in the System setting - System admin - User setting, you can add a few users with secondary permissions. 

Then give those secondary user accounts to your employees. For example, you added user "JohnWayne" with password "batman".

When he try to access the NVR's screen, he needs to change the username from "admin" to "JohnWayne", then enter password "batman" to access the NVR menu. 

Same thing in the App. Obviously John Wayne needs to create his own App user account with his own email or phone #. 

Then when he add the NVR system or camera to App, he input or scan the Cloud ID, provide his own NVR/Camera access combination, to access the NVR/ camera, with your nominated permissions only. 

   3. That sounds way too complicated. "I'd simply let my families know my Cloud ID and admin password so they can view" 

Not suggested. Logically, the WallPixel Cloud will take the 1st App user who added the Cloud ID as the owner. 

If you have a 2nd or 3rd user adding the same Cloud ID as admin, 1 or few of you may miss some features, such as the App notifications.

The correct way is to use the Sharing feature. 

a) let your families download and install WallPixel App, then create his/ her own App user account. 

b) in the App, tap sharing, set sharing perimissions and valid time. Then send the QR code to your families. 

c) In WallPixel App, your families scan the QR codes to add the camera/ system.  (no matter where they are)

   4. "My XMARTO security system have 4 cameras and a NVR. Does that mean I have 5 Cloud IDs?"
No, when you use a XMARTO camera system, the App only takes the whole system as a single device; so it recognize only the NVR's Cloud ID; and let you view 4 to 10 cameras simultaneously in App, just like what you see on the NVR's screen.

Privacy tips

  1. Does XMARTO know my device admin password?
    No we don't. The device password is a local password you set in the initial setup. We cannot know that. 
    If you forgot the password, the only way is to hard reset it. 
    About how to reset password, please contact support@xmarto.com
    The hard reset can be done only by yourself, with the hardware in hand. 

  2. Does XMARTO know my App user password?
    No we don't. Any App attempts to collect user's password will not be approved by App Store or Google Play. 
    If you forgot the App user password, the only way is to tap "Forget password" and follow steps to reset password, or simply create another user account.

  3. If someone hacks my App user account, what should I do?
    That never happened. But if you believe someone hacked your App user account, the 1st thing to do is tap "Forget password" in App to reset your user password; or contact support@xmarto.com to know how-to hard reset your device password. Any of the 2 password reset will lock the access immediately. 

    For standalone cameras, please change the device password in device setting; or hold reset button to reset the camera and set it up again. 
    For NVR or NVR systems, the way of hard resetting password is not public. Please contact support team with your order # to learn how to reset NVR admin password. 

    Relax, it's almost impossible to happen. 

    If you have any further question, please contact support team via support@xmarto.com
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