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How to pair cameras to a new NVR (ver. 3.5+)

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2023-04-18 08:57

You need to pair camera(s) with the NVR when you: 

a) add a new camera

b) replace an old camera with new camera

c) replace a NVR 


In Q1 of 2023, XMARTO released the all new version 3.5 UI version for NVR. 

In this article, we will show you how to pair a camera with a NVR.  


  1. Reset your camera to configuration (pairing) mode.
    Find the camera's reset key, hold the reset key to reset the camera(s) to pairing mode. You shall hear a prompt tone, or you shall see the LED indicator flashes.  The LED indicator is either beside the lens, or on the camera's tail. 

  2. Go to the NVR menu, click + at the bottom to enter Add Camera Steps. Follow on-screen steps and stay at "Searching for Cameras" page till you see all cameras. 

3. If the camera(s) is mounted too far, they may not be able to receive informations from the NVR and pair. You will need to take the camera(s) down and bring them close to NVR to pair. 

4. Click "Continue" to finish pairing cameras. You shall then see the live images of cameras. 


If you need any assistance, please email support@xmarto.com for help. 

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