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Upgrade xmartO IP camera firmware from PC. (DT3034)

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2022-09-23 08:04

1. Read user manual and follow the steps to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi. (skip if you’ve done this.)

2. On your PC, download the IPC upgrade tool and new firmware.

IPC Upgrade Tool

Firmware Ver. 3.6.86 (for DT3034 & DT30320)

3. On PC, install the IPC upgrade tool and run the program.

4. Click Refresh, you will see the camera displayed in the list, select the camera.

5. Click “Browse” to select the firmware rom file, open it.

6. Click “Upgrade” to update the firmware for your camera.

7. Enable the Auto Tracking of DT3034/ DT30320. In the xmartO phone App, go to Setting- Device Setting- Motion Detection Management- enable Motion Detection Tracking. Save the setting.

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