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How to use camera with Ethernet cable hard wire?

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2022-03-25 10:36

You may have a camera that is too far, or with too many obstacles to reach the NVR through WiFi. In such situations, you can choose to hardwire the camera.

To do so, the key is: join both the camera and NVR into the same LAN network.

1. Plug the camera to power with included power plug. 

2. Use a standard CAT5/ CAT6 Ethernet cable to hardwire the camera to your router, or to a switch in your LAN network. (camera joins the LAN)

3. Connect your NVR to your home network. This should have already been done if you've connected your NVR for Internet access. Most XMARTO NVRs nowadays can connect to your WiFi wirelessly. Otherwise you can also hard wire the NVR to your router/ switch. (NVR joins the LAN)

Now, the camera and the NVR is in the same LAN network. They can recognize each other.

Below is a diagram showing you the connection map,

4. Add the camera to an NVR channel. 

a) On the NVR screen, right click - Device/ Camera Manage, refresh till you see the camera listed in above box with IP 192.168...(192 IP means the camera is connected through the cable). Click the IP to select the camera.

b) Then, in below box select an empty channel. If you are changing a camera from WiFi to Ethernet, you need to delete that channel from below box to get an empty channel.

c) Click "Add One" to add the camera to channel.

The camera's IP remains to be 192.168...now, your camera is streaming and working through the Ethernet cable.

You can go ahead to mount your camera.

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