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How to set camera light mode on NVR and phone APP?

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2022-03-25 10:32

There are 3 light modes of the camera with floodlight, you can swich them on your phone APP and NVR accroding to your requirement.

Here are how the different light modes work:

AUTO mode: IR LEDs stay on and camera delivers clear B/W night vision; when motion detected at night, floodlights will turn on automatically and camera turns to color night vision.

IR mode: Only IR LEDs work at night and camera delivers clear B&W night view.

Flood Light mode: Floodlights stay on at night and camera delivers color night vision.

1. When you use the camera as standalone camera on the phone APP, pls tap Light Control. You can select light modes in this page:

2. If you use camera with an XMARTO NVR, on the NVR main screen, click the image you will see a pop-out menu on bottom, click Color & Light - Light mode . You will choose one of them among the Infrared mode/full color mode and smart mode .

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