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How to switch XMARTO solar/ battery-powered security cameras to 24/7 Mode?

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2022-08-22 10:14

Battery/ solar-powered cameras are designed to work on motion-triggered base. 

If at a certain spot you need a 24/7 camera, you can purchase any XMARTO plug-in WiFi camera, to work standlone, or add-on to the NVR.


There is still a way to make your solar/ battery camera to work 24/7.  

  1. Use a 5V 1A/ 2A phone charger and a USB type-C cable to plug the camera to a wall outlet so it gets constant power.

    2. In NVR's menu, right click - Camera manage - Manual Edit

    3. In Power Management setting, change the power mode from Best recording to Plug-in Continous Recording; click OK and save the setting. 

Now your solar/ battery-powered security cameras is working and recording 24/7.


If your NVR is a mini NVR with newer generation software, the setting is even simple. 

You can simply set the record mode in Camera settings, 


If you are using the XMARTO solar/ battery camera standalone, you can find the record mode setting in the App - Camera's settings. 

Important tips in this mode: 

  1. Please keep the camera plugged to power all the time. If not, the solar/ battery power will run out fast and you will lose image. In other words, the solar and batteries do not have enough power to support the camera 24/7. 24/7 working mode requires constant power. 
  2. As always, plug-in power will affect the longevity of batteries. So for 24/7 record purpose, we recommend XMARTO plug-in WiFi cameras. 
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