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[iOS] Why my XMARTO WiFi camera refuses to connect to my WiFi?

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2022-06-07 11:08

Lately some customers cannot complete XMARTO WiFi cameras setup on iOS. 

What's causing this?

Along with iOS updates, the iOS 15 gets smarter.

In WiFi aspect, if you try to connect to a WiFi hotspot that does not have Internet access, iOS refuses to connect.

This, brings some issues to setup XMARTO WiFi cameras with the iOS App. 

The theory of wireless setup is: 

  1. Connect your iPhone to the camera's WiFi, to build a connection from your phone to your camera. 
  2. Then, from the WallPixel App, send your home WiFi information to the camera, so the camera connects to your home WiFi.

With the iOS new strategy, well, it refuses to connect to the camera's WiFi, because iOS indentify the camera's WiFi as "no Internet WiFi". 

That way, you could not complete step 1, and you certainly does not move on to step 2. 

How to resolve this?

While connect your iPhone to camera's WiFi, easily revise the DNS to enable iPhone to connect.  

  1. Follow the App advice to connect your phone to camera's WiFi IPCxxxxxx (with password 11111111). 

The WiFi icon will display on top bar if you are successfully connected; go ahead and return to WallPixel App to finish setup. 

If the WiFi icon does not display on top bar, even the iPhone shows it's successfully connected to the IPCxxxxx WiFi, tap the i icon behind the WiFi

2. Tap " Configure DNS" , change the DNS from "Automatic" to "Manual"

3. Tap "Add Server", enter: (a Google DNS), then tap "Save"

4. You shall see the WiFi icon shows up on the top bar, which means your iPhone is now connected to the camera's WiFi. 

Now, return to the WallPixel App to finish setup. 


Here is the video of WiFi camera wireless setup, 



Other reasons may cause failed wireless setup: 

  • Why I cannot connect this to my WiFi, even I followed all steps?

1. To ensure WiFi distance, the camera works on 2.4GHz WiFi. (5GHz has wider band-width, but worse wall penetration and WiFi distance.) Nowadays, many WiFi routers combines 2.4G and 5G to a single WiFi hotspot. So when you follow the App steps to connect the camera to your only WiFi hotspot, it may try to connect to the 5G and failed to connect.

2. If you cannot finish setup wirelessly, please use the included LAN cable to connect the camera to your router, add device then simply "Scan the LAN" to add the camera to App. Go to camera's setting to connect it to WiFi, then you can unplug cable.

  • If need any help, please contact customer support team: support@xmarto.com


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