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How to enable PTZ camera auto tracking on the NVR/Phone ?

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2022-07-15 11:08

On NVR: (NVR version earlier than ver. 3.2)

When you add the PTZ cameras to the exsisting system as add-on cameras:

Go to System setting-CH Setting- Video Detection and enable the Motion Detection Tracking

On NVR version 3.2+

  1. Click the image of a camera to pop-out the quick menu on bottom. Click 'PTZ control' to enter PTZ menu.

2. In PTZ menu, use the joystick to move the camera to where you want. Type preset '1' and save. This point is saved as preset #1. 

3. Enter 'Auto tracking' menu, check 'Motion detection tracking' and 'Home point', type preset 1 as the home point and Apply. 

The camera will return to preset 1 after the tracking. 

On the phone:

Run the app, click "..." at upper right corner of your device, Choose "Device Setting"

In "Smart Detection", Enable the Motion Detection Tracking


If your NVR firmware is earlier than, or your camera version is older than 3.6.28; you need to upgrade your camera/ NVR to obtain the auto track feature. 

1. Update your NVR version to or higher

Online upgrade: make sure your system is getting online condition.

Right click your NVR mouse>System setting>System Admin>System upgrade, choose Online upgrade, check upgrade when download finished, click Start.

2. Download the camera firmware 3.6.28, 


3. Put the file to your USB flash disk's root directory, not in any folder.

4. Plug the USB flash disk to your NVR's USB port.

5. Go to System setting-CH Setting- IPC Maintenance, choose the firmware from USB Storage, and click start to update the firmware of your camera.

6. Go to System setting-CH Setting- Video Detection and enable the Motion Detection Tracking

Now, your PTZ camera DZ2034/DZ20313, DT3034/DT30320, WT2054/WT20512, DPM2024 can achieve the auto tracking function when they connect to the NVR system.


XMARTO PTZ cameras has a lot of advanced features if you are interested. Please refer to the XMARTO PTZ camera command codes manual, 


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