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How to Upgrade xmartO IP camera firmware

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2022-09-23 06:19


OTA upgrade cameras firmware from APP (for standalone cameras)

  1. For standalone cameras, in the APP device list, tap "..." at upper right corner of your device, choose "Settings". It will show a red dot if there is a newer version.
  2. Tap the red dot to upgrade your camera from OTA server. 

It will take a few minutes to update your camera; and the update requires your camera to have good Internet connection.

Upgrade camera firmware from NVR

For multiple-camera systems, if you want to upgrade the cameras, you will need to do it from the NVR menu with an USB stick.

1. Please download the camera's new firmware from xmarto.com or contact customer support for new firmware

2. Copy the firmware to an USB flash disk's root directory (not in any folder)

3. Plug the USB flash disk to your NVR's USB port

4. Go to System setting-CH Setting- IPC Maintenance, choose the firmware from USB Storage, and click start to update the firmware of your camera.

The camera will be uprgraded and you will see a new version. 

Tips: if your NVR has only 1 USB port, click Start, the NVR will start a 60-second count down. Within 60 seconds, unplug the mouse and plug the USB flash drive, your camera will be upgraded. 

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