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[PTZ not working] How to calibrate the PTZ cameras in WYS3084-1TB system?

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2023-04-04 11:22

If you can't rotate your PTZ cameras to the left or right limit, or you can't control it up and down. That means your PTZ cameras need PTZ calibration.

If you have a WYS3084-1TB PTZ camera system, here is how you can fix the PTZ functionality. 

  • Please update your camera firmware to the latest 3.6.92 version. Here is how:

1. Download the camera's new firmware, 


2. Copy the firmware to an USB flash disk's root directory (not in any folder)

3. Plug the USB flash disk to your NVR's USB port

4. Go to System setting-CH Setting- IPC Maintenance, choose the firmware from USB Storage, and click start to update the camera(s).

After the update, the camera will calibrate the PTZ structure automatically every day.


  • If the issue remains, please download and update your NVR version to latest

  1. After update, click the image of a camera to pop-out the quick menu on bottom. Click 'PTZ control' to enter PTZ menu (5). 

2. Click "calibration", you will see the camera moves and calibrates. 

If the PTZ control did not work after the PTZ calibration, please email support team: support@xmarto.com

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