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How to set presets & auto-patrol for xmartO PTZ cameras?

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2022-03-25 10:47

The xmartO WT series, DZ series and DPM series PTZ cameras support up to 8 preset points. 

Definition of 'presets': PTZ cameras can be navigated to view different areas. Presets record the key points so you can reach the recorded poinits with one tap.

Auto-patrol: a feature xmartO developped based on preset feature. The camera patrol the preset points back and forth. AKA auto-cruise, auto-scan. 

1. Set preset points

While viewing the camera, tap PTZ icon to enter PTZ menu; then tap Preset to enter preset menu. Use the joystick to navigate the camera to the 1st point, tap 'Add Preset' to save the point 1; then navigate the camera to next point and tap 'Add preset' to save the point 2...you can save up to 8 points. 

2. In the preset menu, you can tap 'Go to' to reach the preset points.

3. Start Auto-patrol

a) If your camera does not have optical zoom, tap the image, on right you will see the A icon. Tap the A icon the camera will start to patrol the preset points. 

b) If your camera is the version with optical zoom, well it has higher level chipset inside. The Auto-patrol is a bit different. In preset menu, tap 'Shortcut mode', type in '13' and tap Go to, the camera will start to patrol the preset points. 

4. Stop Auto-patrol

Tap any of the direction on the joystick will stop the auto patrol.  

Tips: cameras added to xmartO NVR have the same steps. It's similar to on the NVR. Only the NVR's UI is a bit different and the A icon is in the middle of the joystick. 

If you have any further question, please contact us via support@xmarto.com 


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