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[PTZ not working] How to Calibrate XMARTO PTZ Cameras?

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2023-04-04 11:21

If your PTZ camera's PTZ control did not work well, you need to do a PTZ calibration.

  •  For DY3034 PTZ cameras

1.  While viewing the camera in App, select More, tap PTZ calibration to calibrate the camera. You will see the camera rotates and calibrates.




  • For DT3034, DZ2034, DPM2024, DZ5035, DX30530 PTZ Cameras

1. When viewing this camera in App, select Preset - Number mode

2.  Type in 34, then tap Goto. The camera receives your command and execute PTZ calibration. 

Here is the video of using the 34 command code to calibrate the camera's PTZ structure:



If PTZ control does not work even after the PTZ calibration, please email support team: support@xmarto.com

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